Do you wonder what are the best things to do to improve your HEALTH, SLEEP, INTIMACY, and other key life factors?

Download your Wellmee app and see what works for others and what can work for you.

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What Wellmee brings you

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01. Inspirations

In the Wellmee app, people share their experiences in key life-affecting fields (such as Health, Sleep, Personal Life, Intimacy, Work, Social Life, Physical Activity, Diet, and Digital Detox). Every day new inspirations with the focus on best-rated tips and stories.

02. Life Tracker

Choose the life factors you want to track, update them easily whenever you want, and track your well-being in a week, month, and year time frame. All in one place.

03. Self-growth

Uncover your talents and see where to apply them. Plus you can go through guidance to improve your self-confidence, productivity, sleep, and much more. 

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Why choose us

"One of the TOP 10 Employee Wellness providers in Europe 2020" 
(HR Tech Outlook magazine)




Wellmee was founded in 2018 by enthusiasts whose passion is to help people explore their true potential. Soon we gained more than 1000 users all around the globe, and this number only kept growing.


Many times it’s often about a tiny hint which pushes you further. 

Similar to the current global trends in the shared economy, Wellmee creates a new phenomenon -  shared wellbeing.


Downloadable for smartphones on Android and iOS (new version coming soon).




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