Wellmee – your personal wellbeing app

Everybody can be happier and live a better life. This is our vision at Wellmee and that is why we bring you a unique application. Don’t let stress and negative emotions drag your wellbeing down! In Wellmee you have your own personal app to always keep you on track – motivated, encouraged and happier! Install it right now on the App Store.


You have the right to feel good.

You have the right to decide what to do with your life.

You have the right to grow with Wellmee and be in charge of your right path.

Your talents

To know where you are headed, you first need to know who you are. With Wellmee you’ll uncover your top 7 talents, explore what’s great about them and get tips on how best to use them!

Your values

When the things that you do match your values, you’ll feel confident that you are doing and saying the right thing. In your Wellmee app you will choose from various values which resonate with you the most and see what they bring to your life.

Improve skills & Overcome fears

Dive in deep to the app, and you’ll have the opportunity to improve personal skills and work with overcoming limiting fears, bringing greater personal growth. 

Goal tracking

To be on the right path in your life you need to set the right goals. Goals direct you to your long-term vision and keep you motivated and organized. Use Wellmee for your easy goal setting & tracking.

Gratitude & Meditation

In this space your uplifting emotions will thrive. Gratitude helps you to shift your feelings and improves your well-being. Meditation helps you achieve calmness of mind and leads to stress-reduction.