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Smiling girl holding her phone and thinking where to use her Wellmee tokens

Why Wellmee?

Whenever you enter Wellmee you will have the feeling of being in a private, safe & entertaining place where you have space to pave your path with goals, exploring your talents and boosting your happiness.

Find out what makes you unique on Earth, where to apply your talents, set skills for improvement and overcome your fears.  Moreover, Wellmee will help you to experience immediate joyous happiness through guided gratitude.

Our Target

Every single person

and further on

Fortune Global 500 and 1000+ other private/state companies

The Problem

Life frustration 

Low self-esteem

Dealing with fears

Seeking happiness

Poor wellbeing of people also leads to the fact that 7 out of 10 workers aren’t working to their full potential

The costs of disengaged workers represent 34 % of their salaries (millions of Euros/Dollars yearly at big companies)

The Solution

People can identify their unique talents & get suggestions where to apply them

Choosing the skills for improvement and guidance for overcoming fears

Entertaining setting of goals and their tracking & identifying values

Guidance through gratitude for immediate happiness boost

Purely private – no social network, using Wellmee Knowledge base


“Having an app which uses unique data for each individual user to positively stimulate them, engage and motivate them, is indeed revolutionary.” – Frantisek Mareth former Deloitte director and Financial group CIO


“We all have a human need to feel appreciated. The Wellmee app enables employers to create more harmonizing environment that makes employees happy, encouraged and valued.” – Barbora Cermakova former HR consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group


Milestones & Roadmap

Independent evaluations of the Wellmee project