Wellmee Token Sale – ACTIVE

(from 1st of November 2pm GMT to 30th of November 1:59pm GMT)

To participate in the Wellmee token sale you have to:

1) Submit your KYC form

2) To contribute to token sale

After performing step 1) do not wait for the KYC approval (KYCs will be evaluated after the token sale). Now you can contribute either in: 

Send your  ETH to this ETH address: 0x4d676f506Cf4b93c8019Bf6AA08748aF85a08B4d (minimum contribution 0.5 ether),
Send your XLM to this Stellar address: GABHGAIFYPKVBSHTPT27T3TA6YXRKCEC6Y7EU37GDS5QJM6HE2CDPAWR (minimum contribution 400 lumens)


Should you need an advice how to process the payment please look below.

Thank you for participating in the Wellmee token sale !

Let’s make the world a happier place !