Wellmee – your personal wellbeing app

Wellmee is a mobile application which mentors you in your life according to your specific character and needs. Built on artificial intelligence the Wellmee app learns what your personality is so it encourages and entertains you uniquely. Like this you have your personal app always with you, continually enhancing your wellbeing.

Moreover this app can help with the engagement of employees in their work environment. For this purpose there are Wellmee tokens which can be used by employers to reward theirs employees for using this app. These tokens are going to have plenty of value in real world marketplaces.

Smiling girl holding her phone and thinking where to use her Wellmee tokens

Why Wellmee?

Wellmee is special. On the one hand, it brings a mobile application which has the aim to enhance the wellbeing of every single user. On the other hand, it creates a unique ecosystem for employers and employees. Together with Wellmee tokens, it makes it possible for employers to reward the employees who use Wellmee app, because a happier person shows better results at work as well.

Our Target

Every single person

and further on

Fortune Global 500 and 1000+ other private/state companies

The Problem

People naturally search for motivation & challenges & advice & relax & fun

Unhappy workers cost the U.S. itself between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity each year

7 out of 10 US workers aren’t working to their full potential

87% of C-Suite executives recognize that disengaged employees are one of the biggest threats to their business

The Solution

The app built on AI and machine learning

Purely private – no social network, using Wellmee knowledge base

Backed up by major studies on positive psychology

Helps to improve engagement of employees

From user side to build a strong workplace wellbeing ecosystem where employers can reward employees with valued Wellmee tokens

Built on trust

A whole 40% of happiness is determined by our actions. Wellmee aims to cover 8 key areas which are crucial for everyone’s wellbeing, including: Positive emotions, Active engagement, Relationships and Meaning & Purpose. Wellbeing improvement will be tracked in the app to be evaluated periodically by the employer – keeping privacy is the highest priority of the application. (Employers will be only capable of extracting data which tracks usage). That is why the relationship between each individual user and the Wellmee app is built on trust.

Clear user-interface and AI

In front-end, the app is based on clear user-interface components (metaphors, mental models, navigation, interaction, and appearance) so that links from the navigation panel are mainly search field, sliders, icons and image carousels. In back-end, using AI and all possible up to date SW technology which may include geolocation of the smartphone, sensors, cameras, etc. to minimize the necessity of users’ input for the tracking and monitoring of the wellbeing improvement. More details can be found in our whitepaper.

Wellmee ecosystem use case

Wellmee Prototype

“We all have a human need to feel appreciated. The Wellmee app enables employers to create more harmonizing environment that makes employees happy, encouraged, valued and rewarded.” – Barbora Cermakova former HR consultant at Korn Ferry Hay Group


“Having an app which uses unique data for each individual user to positively stimulate them, engage them or even to give them a chance to be rewarded, is indeed revolutionary.” – Frantisek Mareth former Deloitte director and Financial group CIO

Milestones & Roadmap

Independent evaluations of the Wellmee project